The Fellowship of Meditation

Contemplative Meditation

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Title Author
Deeper With God Isabel Henderson
I Shall Be To You An Everlasting Light Anne Duffin
Stillness and Strength Marian Dunlop
Fourteen Meditations Members of the Fellowship
Fifteen Meditations Members of the Fellowship
Marian Dunlop – Teacher and Healer – Her Life Glimpsed Jeremy Harvey
A Deeper Approach to Christian Life and Worship Through Contemplative Meditation Isabel Henderson
Happy to be Blind Isabel Henderson
Hidden Riches of Secret Places Isabel Henderson
The Word, The Spirit and The Life Isabel Henderson

A series of nine booklets by Marian Dunlop containing some of the basics of her teaching are on offer. These booklets are free of charge. We simply ask you to send postage stamps to the value of £1 to cover the cost of postage.