The Fellowship of Meditation

Contemplative Meditation

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Contemplative Meditation

The Fellowship of Meditation practises a particular form of meditation. It centres on the repetition of carefully chosen sentences, based on eternal truths and teaching in the Bible. All the sentences focus our attention on God and serve as channels through which the power of the Spirit can enter our hearts and develop and strengthen the spiritual life within us.

Most of the sentences we use hold a key “Word of Life” which stands for an aspect of God’s nature. Working with these sentences will send us back to the Gospels with a cleansed understanding and a greater readiness to receive the words of Christ into our hearts. Dwelling on them will bring us into communion with Him and conform us more and more to His likeness.

It is not obvious that anything is happening to you during meditation. It is often years later that you realise it has had an effect.

The Council have developed guidelines to assist those who have been chosen to read at the meetings.