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Contemplative Meditation

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The Library of the Fellowship currently holds some 1000 titles. The core of the collection was Marian Dunlop’s personal library. This has been augmented by donations from members and a small number of titles are purchased each year.

The focus of the collection is on spirituality, religious experience and mysticism. It includes the experience and practice of other faiths.

The library is open to members at any time when Marian Dunlop House is open. Books are freely available on loan and may be requested by post. Non–members need to seek permission in advance and will be asked for a £25 deposit.

Recent Additions to the Library

Title                                                                                                 Author

Julian's gospel                                                                               Veronica Main Roll
Using the Jesus prayer                                                                 John Twistleton
Mentoring for spiritual growth                                                 Tony Horsfal
The Power of Silence                                                                   Graham Turner
The Mystical Element of Religion of Catherine of Genoa    Baron von Hugel
The Mystic Path of Meditation                                                  David Cole
The Spirit of Quakers                                                                  Geoffrey Durham

Booklets and pamphlets based on the Fellowship’s method of meditation are available from the Secretary, including stories of how lives have been changed through practising meditation.