The Fellowship of Meditation

Contemplative Meditation

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Words of Life

Most of our sentences have in them a Word of Life representing “a divine quality which, of its very nature, is eternal”. Each Word of Life can have the words “I am” before it, telling us something of the nature of God. For example: “I am Life”, “I am Love”, “I am Peace”.

The Words of Life are pictured below, in a sculpture completed in 2019 and located at our Dorchester centre:

Love, Power, Peace, Wisdom, Joy, Goodness, Light, Truth, Knowledge, Beauty, Freedom, Grace, Health, Strength, Righteousness, Life, Substance, Principle and Holiness.

When we reach our deepest stillness, a Word of Life should be sufficient to keep the mind steady in the presence of the indwelling Spirit. Then the supporting words fade away and we rest in the light of His Presence.