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Contemplative Meditation

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Based in Dorchester, Dorset, our headquarters, “Marian Dunlop House”, provides a retreat for members of the Fellowship of Meditation.

Affiliated members of the Quiet Garden Movement

The Fellowship is affiliated to the Quiet Garden movement, which nurtures low cost, accessible, outdoor space for prayer, contemplation, rest and inspiration, in a variety of settings, such as private homes, retreat centres, churches, schools and hospitals. The first Quiet Garden opened in 1992 and today there are over 300 worldwide, including the UK and elsewhere in Europe, Africa, Australasia and North America.

The Quiet Garden Movement flows from the example of Jesus's withdrawal to natural places to pray  and his invitation, 'Come with me by yourselves to a quiet place and get some rest.' (St. Mark's Gospel 6.31)

Those involved in the Quiet Garden Movement come from a variety of Christian traditions and cultures, and welcome the diversity of fellow travellers on the journey. More information is available on their website:

This, of course, has only been possible with the hard work and dedication of Chris and Alan Glyde who work tirelessly each year in the garden to make it what it is today, as well as members of the House Committee who will be on hand at the Open Days we have advertised; Saturdays 8 June, 6 July and 3 August 2019 from 10.00am - 4.00pm. Do please come and visit us if you are in the area.