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Contemplative Meditation

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Coronavirus Update November 2020 

From the 4th November the house will be closed again until the New Year following the announcement of the latest lockdown period. The Office Manager can be contacted during office hours on 07729 283348 or leave a message on the usual number.  

We continue to be aware that we are all facing an unprecedented health situation. Although in many areas of life we are beginning to open up again, it is clear that we have to adapt to the presence of the virus in our communities for the foreseeable future.

The Fellowship Office and Council have continued to operate, although the house in Dorchester has been closed. From September the house reopened both for the Office and for the use of the local group. However we are not yet in a position to extend this to other users. We are grateful to those who have worked hard both to ensure that this can happen safely and to support our members over this time.

Some groups have been finding creative ways to continue to meditate remotely and we are pleased to be able to offer new opportunities to connect online for those who would like to experience a group in this way. Please contact the Office for more information.
During this time in which we are all ‘lone members’ we can still be together in spirit, receiving from God all we need of Strength, Peace, Love, Wisdom etc.
Many of us may have more time available, so let’s stay faithful to our daily practice and use this opportunity to lean deeper into God. In so doing we may increase our love for our neighbour over the coming months. It would be good to hear via email how this change in the way we live may be deepening your spiritual life in ways that we could share with others.
‘Lift up your heart for I am with you, with My Life I strengthen you.’
‘Be still, and let My Peace enfold you and My Love sustain you.’ 

Introducing Ourselves

The Fellowship of Meditation is a Christian–based organisation, whose members use silence and sentences to make space for stillness in their lives. See above for this week's sentence.

In so doing, we practise contemplative meditation. This is a well established and ancient Christian method of seeking to know God more closely through stillness and silence, focusing on a Word or Words of Life.

It began in 1932 when weekly meetings for meditation were held in London, which included teaching from its founder, Marian Dunlop – see “History”. The most recent centre for the Fellowship, Marian Dunlop House in Dorchester, was purchased in 1974.


The Fellowship’s method of meditation centres on the use of sentences, containing Words of Life, which are based on eternal truths and teaching in the Bible. They help to focus attention on God.

At present there are 23 groups, mostly in Great Britain, which meet together regularly for meditation. These meetings last about 45 minutes and include sections of teaching on a particular sentence read aloud by the leader. They include an opportunity of Meditating for and with Others.

From its earliest days, the Fellowship has arranged “Gatherings” when people come together from different parts of the country to spend time in meditation.

Please use the links to explore our website further. If you seek more information then please contact us at:

The Fellowship of Meditation,
8 Prince of Wales Road,
DT1 1PW.
Tel: 01305 251396
Charity Commission No. 213323